Why should you choose OjaNg?

Oja.Ng procures the most detailed and productive strategies for your purchasing needs and food management. We understand that every human service provider has various needs and different resources. It is 100% not possible to improve your company’s goal and at the same time provide your constituents with their day-to-day needs.
You would agree with us that in this modern age, companies who have come to limelight will have to manage their lowermost line effectively, which simply indicate that it is crucial in keeping aloft cost down and adopting new concepts, new management ideologies, and technologies. Via Oja.Ng, you save capital and time by allowing our experts to provide you with all the best techniques for your purchasing needs.

What are your products?

This is a great opportunity to gift family members such as your parents, in-laws, extended family members. This product also offers a rare opportunity to render benevolence to widows, widowers, orphans, & vulnerable people.

OjaNigeria-Worker's Plan

Working professionals can now receive foodstuff at the beginning of the month and pay by month end.The buy now and pay later Package is suitable for working clients who have projects and commitments. Terms & Conditions apply.


From Local meals to Continental cuisines, the Oja.ng recipes, provide a convenient way to get all the condiments needed for your meal.Follow us on social media and get amazing recipes from our chef partner.

OjaNigeria-Fruit Basket

Smoothie lovers, weight watchers and fruit carvers can now enjoy our whole fresh fruit basket that contains Watermelons, Bananas, Apples, Carrots Avocados, Coconuts etc. You can also customise your fruit Basket.

OjaNigeria-Bulk Purchase Plan

We supply foodstuff and groceries to Hotels, Restaurants and Bulk buyers by providing farm-friendly prices on bulk orders delivered fresh and of high-quality standards. 

Who needs our services?

We help both nonprofit and for-profit organisations save money and stress every day! Here are a few examples:
* Hotels
* Hospitals
* High profile net worth individuals
* Foster care homes
* Group Home & Residential Programs (5+residents)
* Event Centres/Planners
* Financial Institutes
* And More!

Where are we located?

We have dispatch riders that will deliver and service every area of Lagos State including Abuja.

How do I place my orders?

Food Items Orders: You can place your order online on our website www.oja.ng or call our customer service representative.

Do I order from you?

You most likely will make your order online, but you can always contact us for help with your orders.

Who do I call if I have any questions or problems?

You can always call our customer service representative on +234 803 089 8871