Our Products

Our Products


This is a great opportunity to gift family members such as your parents, in-laws, extended family members. This product also offers a rare opportunity to render benevolence to widows, widowers, orphans, & vulnerable people.

OjaNigeria-Worker's Plan

Working professionals can now receive foodstuff at the beginning of the month and pay by month end.The buy now and pay later Package is suitable for working clients who have projects and commitments. Terms & Conditions apply.


From Local meals to Continental cuisines, the Oja.ng recipes, provide a convenient way to get all the condiments needed for your meal.Follow us on social media and get amazing recipes from our chef partner

OjaNigeria-Fruit Basket

Smoothie lovers, weight watchers and fruit carvers can now enjoy our whole fresh fruit basket that contains Watermelons, Bananas, Apples, Carrots Avocados, Coconuts etc. You can also customise your fruit Basket

We supply food stuff and groceries to Hotels, Restaurants and Bulk buyers by providing farm friendly prices on bulk orders delivered fresh and of High quality standards. 

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“I am over satisfied with my delivery”
-Mr. Tolu


“I am very pleased with my friut basket”


“I have used oja.ng Services all through the lock down and they provide much more than your money’s worth…in case you need help in this regard, I highly recommend them”
-Mrs Helen

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