About OJA.NG

Oja.ng ‘’Your Preferred Market Representative’’ is an indigenous online market that procures the most detailed and productive strategies for your purchasing needs and food management.

Oja.ng is designed with the vision to take the STRESS off busy working-class individuals/organizations from going to the open market. We also have the intention of supplying and delivering raw and fresh farm produce, groceries, foodstuffs, condiments etc. to their doorsteps simply by placing an order online on our platform – www.Oja.ng or offline contact to place an order.


Do you want to work smart? Then allow us to do the hard work by allowing our experts to help you save capital and time with all the best techniques for your purchasing needs.

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Our Objectives

  • To majorly carry on the business of farming, poultry farming, milling, the supply of agro-allied
    products and cereals (grains) like maize, sorghum, millet, soya beans and other grains in large
    quality to our clients.
  • To build a reputable image and brand identity among the general public.
  • To maintain a high level of integrity, professionalism and also, to strive for the best position in
    the supply and distribution of goods and effective delivery services. We as much as possible
    believe in teamwork so we operate with competent, reliable and well trained to deliver and give
    the best to our highly esteemed clients. More so, this enhances our proficiency, efficiency, and
    effective service delivery.
  • To improve communication with our customers thereby creating efficient customer service
    knowing the power of word of mouth advertisement.
  • To get speedy feedback about our products and customer services offered.
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Our Processing Centre